Another sample of a rare chameleon diamond discovered

The discovery was made by scientist Stephanie Persud, who was evaluating diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America. According to the scientist, it is lucky that the diamond was able to be examined, as such stones change their color only when they are strongly cooled.

The history of rare diamonds with the described properties is scarce. They are called chameleon diamonds because of their ability to change color. These gemstones are more commonly found in Australia.

The newly discovered stone has changed the ideas about chameleon diamonds. Scientists used to think that these stones change their color only through heat or changes in light. But the sample that Stephanie Persud came across changed its color because of intense cooling.

The scientist cooled the stone in liquid nitrogen to below 196 degrees Celsius. Because of the ordering of the molecular structure of the stone, it changed its color from gray to light yellow.

The peculiarity of chameleon diamonds was discovered back in 1866. However, the mechanism of how light refraction changes with this kind of gemstone is yet to be fully understood due to its rarity.

The diamond will be discussed at the next meeting of the American Geological Society in Oregon.