Antarctica could become the epicenter of a global catastrophe in 2060

If global warming will continue at the observed rate, in 2060, mankind will face a global catastrophe associated with the melting of the ice of Antarctica.

Scientists believe that if the Antarctic glaciers will release all the water they retain, the level of the oceans will rise by more than sixty meters. In such a scenario, a huge number of densely populated cities would go under water, triggering a catastrophe of global proportions.

“The authors of studies on rising sea levels due to melting glaciers focus mainly on Greenland and the Arctic, but there is much more water in the ice sheets of Antarctica! If global warming continues at the same rate as we are now, the catastrophic melting of Antarctica will become more than a serious problem in the next few decades”, – say foreign scientists who published a new study.

All that mankind has to do is to fight the growing level of greenhouse gas emissions. All governments must realize that the real effectiveness of this struggle depends on concerted efforts. Today, individual countries (China) are undermining the efforts of others to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a situation that poses a real threat of global climate catastrophe.