Apple about removing Fortnite: “We won’t make an exception”

Apple has shared with The Verge its position on the situation with Epic Games. The game was removed from the App Store (and Google Play as well) after the internal currency, for the purchase of which Epic Games did not pay commission to digital stores.

Coopertinskaya Corporation notes that it would like to keep Epic Games in the ranks of the Apple Developer Program and that its products were presented in the App Store. Apple puts it this way: “Epic Games has created a problem for itself. To solve the problem, it is enough to follow the common rules for all developers to release applications and games in the App Store.

Apple calls Epic Games one of the most successful developers on the App Store platform, whose business is counted in billions of turns. However, Cupertin Corporation states that this circumstance does not make Fortnite developers special: “We will not make an exception for Epic because we believe it is wrong to put their business interests above the rules that protect our users.

Epic Games considers a mandatory 30% commission on every purchase for Apple and Google to be in violation of antitrust laws and has already sued.