Apple AirPods Pro have a voice enhancement feature

As part of the Apple Developer Program, the AirPods Pro headphones have received the second beta firmware number 4A362b. The main innovation in it is the Conversation Boost feature, which enhances the voice of the person speaking in front of the user.

The feature uses microphones to form a directional “beam” on the interlocutor who is standing nearby. His voice will be louder and clearer, without noise or distortion. The AirPods Pro user will be able to hear him better, which will be especially useful for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Almost a year ago, Apple released firmware for AirPods Pro with Spatial Audio and automatic source switching.

Installing beta firmware for the headphones requires an Apple Developer account and the Xcode 13 app, but it’s likely that after tests Conversation Boost will be distributed freely, and all users will get the feature.