Apple is again the most expensive brand in the world

Forbes Magazine has updated the rating of hundreds of the most expensive brands in the world. As last year, Apple is the leader. The value of the “apple” brand for the year increased by 17% and reached $241 billion. In the catch-up, the company Google, whose brand value has increased by 24% and exceeded $ 207 billion.

Also in the top five included brands Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. The value of all, except the social network Zuckerberg, has increased significantly, while the brand Facebook has fallen by 21%. Samsung also fell 5% in price among the top ten brands.

According to the rating authors, the total value of the 100 most expensive brands for the year rose from $2.33 trillion to $2.54 trillion. More than half of the 100 companies are located in the U.S., and the most popular industry is IT. Among the fastest growing brands were Visa (moved from 25th to 18th place) and Netflix (moved from 38th to 26th place).

We emphasize that the cost of the brand should not be confused with the cost of the company. Thus, the capitalization of the same Apple exceeds $1.6 trillion.