Apple Watch will help users fight nightmares

Already soon Apple Watch will be able to help owners to fight sleep disorders associated with nightmares. The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Commission has approved an Apple Watch app called NightWare (and its iPhone companion), which helps get rid of nightmares caused by conditions such as PTSD.

The app uses clock sensors to track movement and heart rate to detect when the user has a nightmare. The clock then vibrates, annoying you enough to interrupt the nightmare but not wake up.

It is worth noting that the application is positioned as a medical and should be used on the recommendation of a doctor along with other means of treatment of PTSD, but not separately. Moreover, it will be useless for people who suffer from sleepwalking or any form of involuntary movement because of the NightWare principle.

The application has been tested on 70 volunteers, and the FDA notes a significant improvement in the quality of sleep for these users compared to the control group. The sample is still too small, but this way of helping people with mental disorders is characterized by minimal risk.