Apple will revive the iPod players. They will work with the brand’s VR-helmet

According to new reports, the unusual combination will become a reality as early as 2022.

Blogger-futurologist and VR enthusiast Robert Scoble has published a number of interesting posts on his Twitter about the upcoming VR-helmet from Apple. In particular, he said that the device will be unveiled at WWDC 2022 – not surprising, given the growing number of mentions of the gadget from insiders.

However, the author also claims that by December of that year, the company will release an updated iPod, which could add a “new experience” for augmented reality helmet owners. According to further comments, it will be a brand new model that will be able to provide amazing sound and the ability to interact with other people. It will also be possible to use the player as an augmented reality controller.

At the end, Scoble adds: “Consider everything said about Apple not worthy of attention. But this information has been confirmed [by an insider].” It’s a logical remark, given that the company often cancels projects that are already in development (and even announced – think AirPower). It could also be the author’s way of defending himself against Apple, which has recently started fighting insiders and leak seekers – including in court.

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