Arab kings take gold out of Great Britain

Very serious amounts of gold and silver bullion, as well as cash, were suddenly removed from the United Kingdom and sent to Doha, Qatar, without explanation. Against this background, there are fears that Britain is preparing for a possible nuclear strike in the upcoming Russia-Ukraine war.

London authorities blocked the road along the freeway to let a huge shipment of bullion and cash through: there were 3 armored trucks with bullion in the convoy, 4 unmarked police armored cars, 6 marked police cars, as well as a police helicopter accompanying it all in the sky.

Hal Turner’s suggestion that England decided to evacuate its gold to Qatar, and even more so for fear of a nuclear strike is difficult even to comment, so amusing. In fact, the gold belongs not to England, but to one of the countries of the Middle East, most likely Qatar, since the gold went there. But why Qatar (or another country) decided to drag the cache closer is an interesting question.

Yesterday, Iraqi and Iranian media reported that Iranian proxies attacked a secret Mossad base in Iraq, which was a heavy blow to the Israelis:

The Israeli Mossad intelligence center in Iraq was attacked Tuesday, killing and wounding several regime agents. This was reported by the Iraqi Saberin News channel.

“An unknown group attacked the Mossad special operations center located in northern Iraq. This is a “heavy blow” to the occupation regime in Tel Aviv, the Middle Eastern country’s media warned. So far, no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack and it is unlikely yet if it was a covert operation with funding from any state in conflict in the territory.

According to Intel Sky, a web portal specializing in military aircraft surveillance, it assured that the attack has been documented and photos of the operation will be published soon.

A report on the incident, circulated by the Fars news agency, stated that “Iraqi media and sources have repeatedly warned about the activities of Zionist elements in Iraqi Kurdistan.” It is also reported on the loss of at least six Israeli agents.

For its part, the Israeli media outlet The Jerusalem Post noted, “The report was not confirmed by any official source, but it was published by the semi-official news agency Al-Alam News, which belongs to the state media corporation run by the Iranian government.”

Of course, this whole story is even harder to believe than Hal’s story about England evacuating gold to the Middle East, but something is definitely happening in this Middle East: first Israel lightly sank a very secret Iranian reconnaissance ship, then a very secret and very valuable nuclear center exploded in Iran and Israel is not insisting much on its innocence.

Then, and as a consequence, the Iranians fired their pyrotechnics at an Israeli merchant ship, and now they hired some ragamuffins and trashed someone’s villa, which they thought was an Israeli military base. And against this backdrop, tons of iron cache went to the Middle East.

Obviously, there are some very, very serious changes coming in the world, elements of which will be some incredible aggravation in the Middle East, perhaps even war and – an accompanying global financial crisis, perhaps even a complete paralysis of the banking system. Naturally, in such a situation, the Arabian sheikhs, who know something about it, want to keep precious metals close. Most likely their example is now being followed by other holders of gold treasures, so we wait for a new round of the world crisis and watch the developments.