Archaeologists excavated the second ship of Pharaoh Cheops on the Giza plateau

Excavations for the second funerary boat of the Pharaoh Cheops, found near the walls of the Great Pyramid, began fifteen years ago. The expedition was conducted by a joint Japanese-Egyptian group of scientists. About end of long-term work tells the edition Ahram Online.

Historians and archaeologists have done incredibly laborious work: the ship was impossible to extract entirely, and therefore day after day for a decade and a half, scientists took it out of the sand in parts. In all, scientists found about two thousand wooden fragments. As they found them, the pieces were sent to the museum for restoration, preservation and further study.

The restorers and archaeologists worked almost in parallel, and so, despite the fact that the excavations have just ended, museum staff are already ready to present more than a thousand pieces to the world in the Grand Egyptian Museum. Now the historians plan to study the collected fragments in detail and then try to reconstruct the second burial ship of one of the most famous rulers of the world.

A separate building will be built for this exhibition, where only the funerary boats of Pharaoh Cheops and some related finds will be presented.