Architects propose to build a fortress wall around the Capitol in Washington

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Only a week has passed since the seizure of the Capitol building in Washington, but architects have already managed to respond to the event. For example, the employees of the Munich studio Opposite Office suggested literally turning the building into a fortress in order to prevent similar emergencies from happening again in the future.

Benedict Hartl, the founder of Opposite Office himself, calls his project “the greatest castle in the history of mankind. Judging by the fact that around the Capitol is only supposed to build a fortress wall 1.5 meters thick, several round towers and a system of triangular bastions, Hartl loves to brag. Nevertheless, according to the author, only after the project is realized will the Capitol truly become a “stronghold of democracy.” By the way, as it should be in the modern world, all castle structures should be built from bricks made from recycled construction waste.

Previously, Hartl has made several equally provocative proposals to the public. For example, he has dealt with the transformation of Berlin’s new Brandenburg Airport into a “covid” hospital, and he has advised turning Buckingham Palace into a hostel to solve London’s affordable housing crisis.