Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other of resuming shelling

The Ministries of Defense of Armenia and Azerbaijan announced new shelling on the border. At the same time, the sides place responsibility on each other.

“The Azerbaijani side resumed artillery fire from our same position with an 82 mm mortar and a tank,” Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Shushan Stepanyan said in a statement on Facebook.

In its turn, Baku accuses Armenia of mortar shelling by Tovuz units.

On July 12, clashes started in the Tovuz region on the border of two countries.

According to Azerbaijan, the Armenian Armed Forces opened fire. The Armenian Defense Ministry assured that Azerbaijani forces tried to seize the stronghold.

Three Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in the fighting. Armenia has no losses.

Relations between the two countries remain strained by the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, which announced its secession from the Azerbaijani USSR in 1988.

The region is located in the eastern part of the Armenian Highland, but according to the administrative-territorial division of Azerbaijan, it is on its territory.

In the 1990s, there was an armed confrontation between Yerevan and Baku over the region. A ceasefire agreement was reached in 1994. The situation escalated in April 2016. Then the sides also accused each other of attacking.

Negotiations on a peaceful settlement are mediated by Russia, the US and France.