Armie Hammer decides to seek treatment for drug addiction and sexual dysfunction

Hollywood actor Armie Hammer, who has previously been accused of cannibalism and rape, has decided to go to rehab. It is reported by Vanity Fair.

It is specified that the actor will be treated for alcohol and drug addiction, as well as sexual disorders. He arrived at the clinic in Florida on May 31, accompanied by his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers and two children.

“Everybody looks at Armie and thinks he had some kind of privileged life. That supposedly means there were no problems in his youth, everything was very good. But that’s not necessarily true. The fact that you grew up in a wealthy family does not mean that there are no problems in your life,” said a close friend of the actor. He added that the decision to go to rehab meant that Hammer wanted to regain control of his own life.

In January, screenshots of Hammer’s correspondence with his mistresses appeared on social networks, in which the actor called himself a 100 percent cannibal and confessed to wanting to eat his partner, drink her blood and holding her beating heart in his hands. Several other former lovers later accused the actor of manipulation and inappropriate behavior. Model Paige Lorenze said he once carved an “A” on her pubis with a knife and then began licking the wound. In addition, Hammer asked her to remove her ribs so he could eat them.

In March, the artist was accused of rape. Effie’s girlfriend claims it happened on April 24, 2017, in Los Angeles.