Ashley Graham filmed nude to inspire women to love their bodies

Popular plus size model Ashley Graham once again decided to draw her audience’s attention to you body positivity. On her instagram page, she published an inspiring post. The star shared a candid photo in which she poses nude.

Ashley accompanied the shot with a selection of shots of other girls with shapes. Under the post, the model urged women to love their bodies and not be shy about wearing open clothes in the summer: “I hope that these photos, which show so many beautiful women, will help you to love the body in which you live. Believe me when I say your body is beautiful, I know how easy it is to fool yourself. How easy it is to think that you’re not good enough, slim enough, sexy enough and flawless enough to wear a tank top or swimsuit. But it’s hot outside, and so are you. So don’t let your mind keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. And don’t forget to tell yourself, “I love myself!” every day.”

Fans thanked the model for these important words, “This is the most important message I’ve seen in my life,” “Thank you for always encouraging me to love myself,” “With this post you help many women accept themselves.” It’s worth noting that for 14 years Ashley has been an example and inspiration to a new generation. In 2007, she was first invited to star on the cover of Vogue, after which she rose to fame.