Assad felt bad when he addressed the new parliament of Syria

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad felt bad during his big keynote speech addressed to the new parliament of the country. This was reported by Reuters.

It is noted that the Syrian leader’s pressure dropped dramatically. Due to his health, he was forced to stop speaking. After a short rest he continued his speech. The broadcasting by the guest house of Syria was slightly delayed.

On July 29 it was reported that Bashar al-Assad received in Damascus Russian President’s Special Representative for the Republic Alexander Lavrentyev and Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin.

On July 21, the United States called the parliamentary elections in Syria that were held the day before unfair and unfree.

Voting in Syria’s unicameral parliament was held on Sunday, July 19. This was the first time since 2011 that most regions of the ATS had voted. A total of 1,656 candidates, including 200 women, participated in the elections.

The civil war in Syria began in 2011: in the wake of the Arab Spring, anti-Government protests led to riots in Syrian cities and then turned into armed conflict.