Assange’s lawyers will ask for a postponement of his extradition hearing

The lawyers of Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks website, will seek a postponement of the extradition hearing in the U.S. due to the lack of full access to the client due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced on Friday, April 24, in a statement issued by the campaign against Assange’s extradition, WikiLeaks said.

“Julian Assange’s lawyers will return to court on Monday to argue for postponing his extradition hearing. The hearing should resume at the Belmarsh prison court on 18 May. But Assange’s lawyers will say that they do not have full and unhindered access to the client,” the activists wrote on their Twitter page.

Limited access to the client has also been reduced to “unacceptably low levels” due to the pandemic, they said.

On April 7, it was reported that a court in London refused to postpone the hearing on the extradition of Assange.

With the proliferation of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, on March 25, the court refused to grant a temporary release from Assange prison. Judge Vanessa Barreitzer argued that if released, the founder of WikiLeaks would not return to the extradition hearing.