AstraZeneca withdraws application for approval of COVID-19 vaccine in Switzerland

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has withdrawn its application for approval of its coronavirus vaccine in Switzerland. This was announced on Thursday, November 4, according to the press service of the drug market surveillance body Swissmedic.

“AstraZeneca AG announced today that it is no longer seeking marketing authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine in Switzerland. The company has withdrawn its application for marketing authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine, which it submitted to Swissmedic in October 2020,” the publication stated.

Switzerland now has no pending COVID-19 vaccine applications, the agency added. Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been approved for use in the country.

Earlier, on June 23, it became known that European politicians began to refuse vaccination against coronavirus by AstraZeneca. Thus, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi refused a second dose of the drug.

The media have repeatedly written about the negative impact of AstraZeneca on health, including fatal cases after vaccination with this drug. Thus, on June 11 it was reported that the Genoa prosecutor’s office is investigating the death of 18-year-old Camille Canepa after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca.

In March, Swissmedic reported that nearly 600 cases of side effects after vaccinations have been identified in Switzerland since the start of the coronavirus vaccination. Almost 30% or all of the identified cases of adverse effects are considered serious. However, most of the adverse reactions had no significant impact on the health of those vaccinated.

In April, a spokesman for the European drug regulator EMA confirmed the link between blood clots after vaccination with AstraZeneca. However, he was unable to explain what caused the coronavirus vaccination to be associated with blood clots.