Astronauts who die while traveling to Mars will be eaten by their colleagues

If during the expedition to Mars some of the crew members of the Martian ship will die, the surviving astronauts may eat their fallen colleagues. About this writes edition of Popular Science.

The leading space agencies of the world is still only working out the possibility of flights to Mars, but in the next decade, such projects may become a reality. Conquerors of the Red Planet will face many challenges, so it is possible that not everyone will return to Earth.

It is assumed that the salvation for the team, which will be in a really extreme situation, could be cannibalism. NASA isn’t talking about it officially, but it’s easy to assume that such questions occupy not only enthusiasts, but also scientists who are making preparations for flights to Mars.

“If the space shuttle crashes and the astronauts have to wait months or even years for help, cannibalism could be a lifesaver in the face of severe food shortages. If astronauts eat their dead colleagues, they could survive to eventually complete the mission. Is NASA working through such scenarios? We can assume they are, but we are unlikely to see an official press release to that effect,” space travel experts write.