Astronomer solves mystery of mysterious spiral in the sky over the Pacific

June 18 over the Pacific Northwest observed an unusual phenomenon seen by hundreds of people – an impressive moving spiral. According to the Daily Mail, it is a very spectacular sight that remained a mystery to observers. What it was – said the astronomer from the United States Jonathan McDowell.

Observers note that the interesting spiral-shaped structure increased in size in a matter of seconds, after which it disappeared. At the same time, the strange structure in the sky was constantly moving. Opinions about the nature of the mysterious object are divided: some say that a “portal” opened in the sky (like the portal from the movie “Doctor Strange”), while others are confident that the spiral is the work of aliens.

In reality, everything is more prosaic. Most likely, the spiral is the trace of the Chinese rocket Long March 2C, launched into space on June 18. More specifically, the spiral is the trace of the rocket’s second stage.

“The spiral appears in the sky when the rocket (or rather, the spent stage) makes side-to-side movements, ejecting residual fuel. It takes place in outer space, so the spiral looks very flat. This is due to the absence of air, which could spoil the shape of the spiral. The trace of a rocket in space looks amazing, because in the Earth’s atmosphere there is always air movement, because of which such structures are not preserved,” said the astronomer.