Astronomers discover a new source of ultra-high energy gamma rays

Chinese researchers have discovered a new gamma ray source based on observations that stretched over one year. It is a source of ultra-high energy gamma rays, which was indexed LHAASO J2108+5157.

Astronomers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences used the equipment of the Large Airborne Observatory at high altitudes to find new sources of high-energy gamma rays. Observations were made for a year in Sichuan Province.

LHAASO J2108+5157 was the first LHAASO-KM2A gamma-ray source detected in the UHE band, according to the authors. UHE are ultra-high energy gamma ray sources. The nature of sources whose photon energy exceeds 0.1 peta-electronvolt still raises serious questions among scientists, so the new discovery by Chinese astronomers could be very valuable for science.

“We still do not know which specific objects in the Universe generate such powerful gamma rays, so the discovery of each new source in the UHE range is a significant event. The data obtained from the observations will enable a better understanding of the nature of these mysterious energy sources,” say the authors of the promising research project.