Astronomers warned of approaching super moon and lunar eclipse

At the end of May 2021 there will be a super full moon, which will be especially spectacular in the Far East, where at this time it will be possible to see a full lunar eclipse.

Moscow astronomers have warned about spectacular astronomical phenomena, which the Russians can see. A total lunar eclipse will happen during a super full moon on May 26. Total lunar eclipse will be visible in the Russian Far East. At the same time, the full, private and penumbra phases of the eclipse can be seen in western North America, Indonesia, Australia and the Pacific Ocean.

Super full moon is an astronomical phenomenon in which the full moon coincides with perigee, that is, with the moment of maximum convergence of the Moon with the Earth. The phenomenon occurs because of the elliptical orbit in which the Earth’s natural satellite orbits the Earth.

Thanks to the rapprochement the size of the lunar disk observed from the Earth increases, but one shouldn’t confuse the super full moon with the so-called lunar illusion, which makes the Moon rising above the horizon seem larger than usual. Interestingly, because of the same elliptical orbit, the supermoon has the opposite phenomenon – a micro-moon, in which the Moon, on the contrary, is visually smaller. However, unlike the supermoon, the microluna is mentioned in the media much less frequently.