Astrophysicist discovers the fastest rotating star in the Milky Way

Chinese astrophysicist Guang Wei Li reported that he found a star in the Milky Way that rotates faster than others. The scientist calls the discovery a happy accident. He used the LAMOST spectroscopic telescope to search for class O stars (these are hot blue stars that “spit” hydrogen into the surrounding space), and it was an accidental discovery. Moving object LAMOST J040643.69 + 542347.8 at a speed of 540 km / s, which is 100 km faster than the previously discovered high-speed glow HD 191423.

The new record-breaker is 30 thousand light years away from the Sun. What it consists of is not yet known. But researchers believe that they can find out, as well as the reason for this speed rotation. Specialists note that it’s difficult to rotate a single star so quickly. More often this behavior is typical for dual systems, where stars actively exchange matter, which allows them to spin at high speed.