At least 12 tourists were reported abducted by unknown perpetrators in Nigeria

At least 12 travelers were abducted in the evening of October 7 in Delta state of southern Nigeria. It was reported by Hinza agency with reference to police on Thursday, October 8.

It is noted that tourists were abducted by a group of unknown armed persons on the road. An eyewitness told the agency that the kidnappers intercepted more than five cars.

According to police representative Onome Onovakpoyya, law-enforcement agencies try to save the kidnapped people.

In April 2019, law enforcement agencies of the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Authority (UWA) reported that unknown people had kidnapped an American tourist and his driver in the republic. The abduction took place in the evening in Queen Elizabeth National Park near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The tourist and his driver were taken under threats from the tourist van, where several other travelers remained.

It was noted that the attackers demanded $500,000 for the people’s release.

A few days later, U.S. President Donald Trump said that the tourist and driver were released.