At least 19 people died in Germany due to flooding

As a result of the flood in Germany were killed at least 19 people. This is reported July 15 by Bild.

In addition, in the west of the country about 70 people are missing, adds TV channel SWR referring to the police.

The rains have been raining in Germany since July 12. Most of all western and southwestern regions of the country were affected by the nature. Streets of cities are flooded, rivers overflow.

Only in Arweiler county in Rhineland-Palatinate at least four people were killed.

Residents of the cities of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Sintzig and Bad Bodendorf, whose homes are located less than 50 meters from the river, were evacuated. Several houses have collapsed due to flooding, and dozens more are at risk. Some residents are waiting for help from rescuers on rooftops.

Earlier, on July 13, it was reported that in the north of China, as a result of heavy rains killed at least five people, 10 more are still missing.

It is noted that the powerful downpour hit the city of Xinzhou and neighboring areas on Saturday, leading to flooding in the settlements of Yantou and Taihuai. Three people were killed and three others were injured as a result.

On Sunday, however, heavy rainfall also hit the city of Jincheng, killing two more people and leaving 10 missing.