At least 20 people became victims of flooding in Venezuela

At least 20 people were killed in the state of Merida in western Venezuela as a result of floods and mudslides due to heavy rains. This was reported by Europa Press on Thursday, August 26.

The flooding destroyed more than 1.2 thousand homes, there are missing, their search continues. Several towns were left without electricity as flood waters damaged transformers. Authorities are working to restore phone service in some areas.

The state does not have the resources to help all of the affected areas. State Governor Ramon Guevara on Twitter instructed infrastructure specialists to work with the government in Caracas to repair buildings and roads.

He also ordered the opening of a humanitarian aid collection point in the city center of Mérida. People there receive water, food, clothing and blankets. Medical personnel were sent to the most affected areas.

In addition, the state governor urged not to politicize the situation.

“Let’s try not to make it political or ideological,” Guevara said, adding that we should “look for solutions to this problem together.”

On Tuesday, Aug. 24, it was reported that dozens of residents in the commune of Pignan in southeastern France were evacuated from their homes because of severe flooding in the region.

About 140 firefighters and rescuers are on the ground to help the population facing the consequences of the weather.