At the bottom of Avachinskaya Bay in Kamchatka almost all marine organisms died

In Avacha Gulf in Kamchatka, almost all organisms living on the sea floor (benthos) died of pollution. This was stated by Ivan Usatov, a researcher from the Kronotsky Reserve and the Pacific Institute of Geography, at a meeting with the head of Kamchatka region Vladimir Solodov, the press service of the Kamchatka government on Tuesday, October 6.

“At depths from 10 to 15 meters there is a mass death of benthos – 95% are dead. Some large fish, shrimps and crabs have survived, but in very small numbers,” – said Usatov on the results of the expedition from Cape Nalychev to Starichkov Island. At the same time, according to Usatov, the results of the expedition showed that the state of marine mammals and birds “is normal”, and emissions of large dead marine animals were not found on the shore.