Australia will build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines as part of the AUKUS alliance

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the country’s navy will receive at least eight nuclear-powered submarines as part of the AUKUS partnership between Britain, Australia and the United States.

As Morrison explained, at least eight nuclear-powered submarines will be built at Adelaide shipyards in southern Australia. It is noted that the construction of the new submarines will cost more than $65.9 billion.

“Australia’s defense spending has already increased to 2 percent of GDP, but our investment… … will only grow,” reports the prime minister’s statement.

The prime minister also noted that the country will gain access to U.S. missile technology, which in turn will accelerate the creation of a national military industry.

“We will get a number of American-made missiles, including Tomahawk cruise missiles to equip Australian destroyers,” Morrison said.

Australia, the United States and Britain announced the trilateral AUKUS security and defense partnership Sept. 15. Over the next year and a half, all three countries will work to transfer technology to Australia that the United States has traditionally only shared with the United Kingdom. We are talking, in particular, about nuclear-powered submarines.