Australian anchorwoman accused of racism after cat video

In Australia, Chanel 7 began an investigation into 33-year-old TV host Georgia Love because of her “racist publications.” It was reported Tuesday, September 7, by the Daily Mail.

The day before, Love posted on Instagram pictures of a cat sitting in the window of an Asian restaurant in Melbourne. In doing so, the TV host wrote the question, “Employee or lunch?” After the woman began to receive angry comments from users, she deleted the picture and apologized to her followers.

“I wanted it to be a joke about an animal being in a restaurant at lunchtime. I meant absolutely no negative thoughts about the type of animal or the restaurant itself, but I can see that my post was offensive. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize to everyone I traumatized with that joke,” Love wrote.

However, the Daily Mail notes that Aussie influencer reviews group Aussie influencer opinions found similar “racist posts” on Love’s Instagram page published back in 2013.

For example, a photo of one of them showed a house with two signs that said “veterinary hospital” on the first and “Chinese chef” on the second. Beneath the picture was a picture of a dog with the caption, “This is suspicious!”

She then wrote a private message to the Aussie influencer opinions account in which she apologized again and explained her intent