Australian athletics team quarantined at Olympics

The Australian track and field team at the Tokyo Olympics has been sent to isolation after being exposed to an infected athlete. It was announced Thursday, July 29, by the country’s National Olympic Committee (NOC) press office.

“Members of the Australian track and field team at the Tokyo Olympics are being isolated in their rooms as a precautionary measure after it was reported that a member of the U.S. track and field team tested positive for coronavirus,” the NOC said in a statement quoted by The Guardian.

The press service of the committee specified that all athletes of the team “passed the tests for COVID-19 in accordance with the protocols of the national Olympic team and are waiting for the results.”

However, according to the data, such a decision to isolate the 63 people was made due to the confirmation of the diagnosis of coronavirus in the pole vault world champion American Sam Kendricks, who previously trained with Australian pole vaulter Curtis Marshall.

According to Kyodo News, 24 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in people associated with the Olympics in Tokyo as of July 29, the highest daily rate since the beginning of this month.

Earlier, on July 24, another 17 cases of COVID-19 were detected at the Tokyo Olympics. Two staff members of visiting teams and 14 local contractors involved in the Olympics tested positive.