Australian scientists discovered a previously unknown population of blue whales

Scientists at the University of New South Wales (Australia) have recorded a previously unknown population of blue whales thanks to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization. Professor Tracy Rogers, the author of the study, told about it.

“We discovered a whole new group of pygmy blue whales right in the middle of the Indian Ocean”. The exact number of whales in the group has not been determined, but scientists believe there are many.

The whales were given away by their singing, recorded by hydrophones of the Organization, which monitors, among other things, possible underwater tests of nuclear weapons. Having studied the structure of the whale’s song, frequency, and tempo in the recordings, the researchers realized that it belongs to a group of pygmy blue whales, but does not belong to any of the groups previously recorded in the area.

If visual observations confirm the presence of the animals, this group would become the fifth population of pygmy blue whales found in the Indian Ocean.