Australians found a drug that could kill COVID-19 in 48 hours

Researchers from Australia have found out that long-time antiparasitic drug ivermectin can stop the growth of SARS-CoV-2 in cells. Its single dose can remove viral RNA from the body in 48 hours, and in 24 hours significantly reduce its amount, writes the magazine “Antiviral Research”.

“We have found that a single dose can remove all the virus’s RNA in 48 hours, and even in 24 hours their number is significantly reduced,” said Dr. Kylie Wagstaff, head of the research team.

In addition to getting rid of cattle and human parasites (strongyloidosis), the drug has so far been found effective in treating viruses including HIV and Zeke, influenza and Denge fever.

So far, tests have only been conducted in vitro tubes, and now human trials must be conducted to determine the effective dosage. Scientists are now looking for funds to continue research. After preclinical and clinical trials, it will be clear whether coronavirus can be recommended. Especially since the vaccine doesn’t seem to be coming soon.

“With the global pandemic and the lack of approved treatment, if we have a drug that is already available around the world, people are more likely to get help. We should not expect the vaccine to come soon,” said Dr. Wagstaff.