Austria will start phasing out strict measures because of COVID-19

Strict restrictive measures taken in connection with the spread of coronavirus in Austria have yielded results, from December 7 will begin their abolition. This was announced by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on December 2.

“The effectiveness of the lockdown has laid the foundation for the fact that we can, albeit cautiously, begin the discovery,” – quotes his edition Futter.

According to Kurtz, the country is waiting for a “gradual and gentle easing” of the isolation.

“We must continue to do everything in our power to prevent a sharp increase in the number of people falling ill,” the chancellor stressed.

Thus, from Monday, December 7, museums, libraries, stores, beauty salons and hairdressing salons and schools will reopen, and high school students will continue their education on a remote basis.

From December 24, the Austrian authorities will also allow for outdoor single sports such as skiing. However, sports facilities and gyms will continue to be closed, and mass events are also prohibited for the time being.

On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the authorities made a slight relaxation by allowing companies to gather up to ten people. The round-the-clock restrictions on leaving the house are abolished, but the restriction allowing to stay outside from 8pm to 6am only with a good reason is returned.