Austrian authorities intend to open restaurants and schools from May 15

Restaurants can be opened in Austria from May 15, but on condition that all personnel will wear medical masks and work of establishments will be limited till 23:00. This was announced by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Tuesday, April 21.

According to him, the country is currently showing the best results in reducing the increase in the number of infected with coronavirus in the world – less than 100 per day. In this regard, the Austrian authorities may continue the step-by-step lifting of restrictions in May, writes DerStandard.

Thus, large shops, hairdressing salons and sports grounds may open from May 1.

Preparations for exams in schools are to be resumed from May 4, while the work of educational institutions is to be fully restored from May 15.

At the same time, from mid-May the country plans to start holding services in temples, as well as opening hotels and museums.

The self-isolation regime for the population is valid in Austria from 16 March to 1 May. As part of the restrictive measures, mass and sports events have been canceled and shopping centres and restaurants have been closed.

Starting from April 14, the authorities began to gradually lift the quarantine restrictions: small shops and construction markets were opened.