Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigns

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, 35, has submitted his resignation.

He said in a statement that against the background of the anti-corruption prosecutor’s investigation unfolding in his relations, he believes that a stable relationship is needed now and it is necessary to step aside.

Earlier it became known that an anti-corruption investigation was launched against the chancellor. The politician is accused that he and his associates tried to achieve promotion in the party and gain popularity in the country by manipulating the data of opinion polls and with the help of laudatory materials in the tabloids. This material was financed by the government.

Kurtz himself, who became chancellor for the first time in 2017, denied all accusations.

In Austria, a coalition is in power, which includes Kurtz’s People’s Party and the Greens. It was the Green Party that on Friday demanded that the People’s Party appoint someone who is not implicated in the corruption case under investigation in Austria as chancellor. Kurz himself intends to become head of the parliamentary group of the People’s Party.

At the same time, Kurtz noted that he had asked the People’s Party team to continue their work.

According to him, he has already proposed to the Federal Presidency the candidacy of Alexander Schallenberg as the new head of government.