Authorities in Los Angeles, USA built a village for the homeless

Los Angeles authorities have built a village for the homeless consisting of micro houses. Such residential complexes are planned to create on the abandoned and occupied by garbage dumps areas of the city. It was reported on Monday, July 5, by The Insider.

The publication specifies that officials assessed the results of the project to place the homeless from the streets of Los Angeles in a special settlement of tiny houses Tiny Homes Village. This year, the village was erected with public money and funds from Hope of the Valley, a U.S. charity to combat homelessness.

Now the Tiny Homes Village is a 24-hour fenced, one-bedroom, colorful 2.5-by-2.5-meter tent in the NoHo section of Los Angeles, where residents will be able to use the common area to commemorate their homelessness. At the same time, residents will be able to use the common area toilets, showers, laundry facilities and outdoor seating areas.

At the same time, the villagers are offered three meals a day, as well as help with internships and training for employment. To date, several dozen homeless people have been moved into the houses.

It is noted that such buildings are easy to produce and assemble. In addition, they are budget-friendly in terms of cost.

According to the financial director of Hope of the Valley Rowan Wanslev, similar settlements will be built in other areas of Los Angeles on land unsuitable for other construction. She clarified that the projects are currently in the design phase.

According to the estimation of Los Angeles authorities, there are more than 66 thousand homeless people.

Earlier, on June 18 Fox News channel reported that the young homeless of New York will receive $1250 a month for two years on a gratuitous basis. It was clarified that the payments are being made as part of an experiment with the support of city leaders. According to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, the experiment will help solve the problem of “homelessness among young people.