Avengers and Avatar will be shown again in Chinese cinemas

In the newly opened cinemas in China (now working about 700) to attract viewers will show blockbusters studio Marvel “Avengers” and James Cameron’s film “Avatar”, reported THR.

In this way, the government is trying to restore the local film industry, which suffered from the coronavirus.

All four parts of “The Avengers” and other blockbusters will be released in the coming days. According to a source The Hollywood Reporter, all films will be shown as soon as they are received by distributors.

Chinese distributors faced two interrelated difficulties: to prove to customers that cinemas are safe, and to convince distributors that there are enough customers to resume distribution of the most expected films – and without the latter will be difficult to achieve the first, says the publication.

Official spokesman for the Chinese Health Committee Mi Feng said March 12 that the country has passed the peak of the epidemic. The spread of the disease has fallen after several weeks of tough measures imposed by the authorities to control the movement of people and traffic.

On March 24, it was reported that the authorities of China’s Hubei Province will lift restrictions on transport links with the city of Wuhan, which has become a hotbed of coronavirus spreading since April 8.

On 25 March, 67 new infections were reported in the country. This was reported by the State Health Committee of the People’s Republic of China. It is noted that all the infected came from abroad. A total of 541 infected people have arrived from abroad so far.