Azerbaijan that is in conflict with Armenia started military exercises with Turkey

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Baku and Ankara have been conducting joint military exercises since July 29. They will last more than a week and will take place near the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, where the old conflict between the two post-Soviet republics has recently escalated. Yerevan has already called these manoeuvres a provocation. The Presidents of Russia and Turkey discussed the situation.

Baku is important for Ankara not only in the context of foreign but also domestic policy. Over 3 million Azerbaijanis live in the country, representing an important electorate. Gradually, pro-Russian politicians in Azerbaijan are being replaced by officials educated in Turkey. In their actions, they are exclusively oriented towards the policy of Ankara.

Turkish-Azerbaijani military maneuvers have been sharply criticized in Yerevan. The Armenian Foreign Ministry noted that “Turkey has already managed to destabilize the situation in the neighboring regions of the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa”.

Turkey is not a mediator of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Representatives of OSCE Minsk Group in the settlement of the situation are Russia, USA and France.

Ankara, speaking on Baku’s side in any conflict situations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, becomes a party to the conflict. “Unlike Russia, which has repeatedly stated its position as a mediator seeking to resolve the situation between these two countries. Turkey needs to demonstrate itself as the leader of the Turkic world and seeks to do everything possible to attract the Turkic states of the post-Soviet space into the orbit of its influence”.