Balenciaga’s first couture show in 53 years took place in Paris

Cristobal Balenciaga (founder of Balenciaga) was one of the greatest masters of haute couture with an unrivaled cutting technique. He pioneered innovative forms never before seen in women’s fashion and was admired by his contemporaries. Even Christian Dior once remarked: “High fashion is like an orchestra with Balenciaga as conductor. We other couturiers are musicians and follow his instructions.”

It is a legacy that will justify Balenciaga’s first return to haute couture in 53 years under current artistic director Demna (he recently renounced his last name, Gvasalia).

On the brand’s Instagram the day before the show all the posts were erased. This was done intentionally to remove all distractions that could interfere with the perception of the new collection, because the show has already been postponed twice during the pandemic.

Sixty-three looks were presented. The model opened the show in a black single-breasted suit with shirt cuffs. The show ended with an ivory silk and wool wedding gown with a long train. Of course, all of these outfits were not ready-to-wear items for everyday wear; this was fashion art in its purest form.