Banksy’s stolen work in Paris was found in Italy

Italian carabinieri discovered the work of the famous British street artist Banksy, stolen by unknown persons from the door of the emergency exit of the Bataklan Concert Hall in Paris. This was reported in La Repubblica magazine on June 10.

The door with the drawing of the artist was found during the searches as a result of the investigation conducted by District Attorney L’Aquila Michele Renzo. It was in a farmhouse in the Italian Abruzzo area.

According to Renzo, the work was discovered during the cooperation of the prosecutor’s office and the police with French law enforcement officials. On Thursday, the prosecutor will hold a press conference at the Palazzo de Justice in L’Aquila, during which more information will be provided.

A drawing of Banksy, depicting a grieving woman, was made on the door of the emergency exit of the “Bataklan”, where in November 2015, 90 people died in the attack. The artist’s work was stolen in January 2019, cut out with tools.

Attackers took the stolen item out of a truck, but were caught on surveillance cameras.