Belarusian ambassador was summoned to the German Foreign Ministry because of the situation with Ryanair

Belarusian Ambassador to Germany Denis Sidorenko was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Berlin in connection with the situation with the Ryanair plane landing and the incident with the detention of the founder of the Telegram channel NEXTA Roman Protasevich, recognized extremist in Belarus. This was reported by the press service of the German Foreign Ministry on May 24.

“The explanations of the Belarusian government received so far regarding the forced landing of Ryanair in Minsk are absurd and unconvincing… “That’s why tonight we summoned the Belarusian ambassador to the Foreign Ministry. State Secretary Miguel Berger will lead the conversation,” stated Maas.

He pointed to the need to clarify the circumstances of the incident and to immediately release Protasiewicz.

Maas also pointed out that the EU heads of state and government will discuss today at the informal EU summit the possible consequences of the incident with Ryanair, which “cannot remain without consequences.

The day before, he also wrote on Twitter that the incident was a serious interference in air traffic and demanded the release of Protasiewicz.

A Ryanair plane was emergency grounded at the Belarusian airport due to a bomb threat e-mailed to Minsk airport dispatchers.

According to Director of the Department of Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus Artem Sikorski, the plane had to be grounded due to the bomb threats.

The tape of the conversation between the pilot and the Belarusian air traffic controller, according to which the air traffic controller recommended the board to land “for safety reasons,” was also published in the network. The pilot also asked where the letter about the bomb threat had come from, to which the air traffic controller replied that it had been sent to the e-mail of the airport security service.

The Investigative Committee of the Republic opened a criminal case over the false report of the bombing of the ship. The information about the mines was not confirmed: the plane turned out to be safe.

The next day world leaders criticized the incident with Protasevich’s detention. A number of U.S. and European lawmakers called for a ban on flights over Belarus.