Belarusian Interior Ministry reports on detentions 100 protesters

Belarusian Interior Ministry confirms the detention of at least one hundred people at the protests in the country on Sunday. This was reported on September 6 by the official representative of the Ministry Olga Chemodanova.

According to her, the detentions are of administrative nature. “They were held throughout the country during the day. This is more than a hundred detainees,” said Ms. Chemodanova.

As the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted, the authorities will provide full information on Monday.

On the same day 16 people were detained by the OMON near the residence of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Earlier on Sunday, the agency called the controlled situation in the country. No emergency situations were allowed.

The number of participants of the unauthorized march in the center of Minsk on Sunday exceeded 100 thousand people. For security reasons the authorities closed the central metro stations, mobile operators restricted access to the network.