Belgian doctors set up a “corridor of shame” for the Prime Minister.

The staff of a hospital in Belgium set up a so-called “corridor of shame” for the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sophie Wilmes. The protest was on video.

The incident took place on 17 May at the Hospital Saint-Pierre, where Wilmes came to visit a medical institution and talk to medics. Waiting for the Prime Minister, some 100 staff members, from administrative staff to janitors, lined up on both sides of the access road and, as the motorcade approached, turned their backs alternately to the car in which Wilmes was driving.

As portal dhnet notes, the doctors thus decided to express their dissatisfaction with the authorities’ attitude to the health system in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

During her visit to the hospital, Wilmes acknowledged that the health system should be restructured and additionally funded. For 40 minutes, she communicated with the employees of Saint-Pierre and promised that the doctors would be given material and psychological support.

Later, on Twitter, she called the meeting important, noting that none of the topics that worried the doctors was left out.

The doctors’ union said that the Belgian government does not compensate doctors for difficult working conditions and does not raise salaries, but requires doctors to go to overtime work if necessary.

Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development of Belgium Marie-Christine Marguem condemned the action of medical professionals. On her Facebook page, she described the doctors’ flash mob as “ridiculous and politicized,” but later deleted the comment, Le Soir wrote.

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