Berlin renamed the subway station with the “racist” name

Berlin transport company BVG plans to rename the underground station with the “racist” name Mohrenstraße into “Glinka Street”.

“Based on understanding and respect for the controversial debate surrounding the station name, the BVG has decided not to use it further. As an international company and one of the largest employers in the German capital, the BVG rejects any form of racism or other discrimination”, writes the company.

The debate about racism around the station name arose because the word Mohren was used in the Middle Ages in the German principalities to refer to people with darker skin tones.

The station will be renamed according to the name of Glinka Street, which was named after the Russian composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (1804-1857).

Earlier that day it became known that Twitter had removed the words “slave”, “master”, “black list”, “white list” and a number of other words from the program codes because of possible associations with racist terminology.