Biden almost called Putin as Trump

U.S. President Joe Biden misspoke and almost called Russian leader Vladimir Putin by the name of his predecessor Donald Trump.

During a press conference following the U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva on Wednesday, June 16, the White House president said that he had watched Putin’s speech carefully, but almost didn’t say Trump’s last name.

“I watched a snippet of President Tru… Putin press conference,” he said, but promptly corrected himself.

This is not the first such incident. In April, the head of the White House in his speech on relations with Russia made several reservations at once. First, he confused vaccination with escalation. Then, he mispronounced Putin’s last name, but quickly corrected himself.

Nevertheless, the Kremlin did not notice Biden’s reservations about the Russian leader’s last name. Dmitry Peskov, the president’s press secretary, stressed that the reservations are “the province and specialty of the media, and not the presidential staff.

The meeting of the heads of states was held on Wednesday, June 16, at the Villa La Grange. The Presidents held negotiations with both private and extended participation. All in all, taking into account the break, the summit took about three and a half hours.