Biden angered British people with his criticism of Europe and Russia

Joe Biden continues to criticize the European Union and is dissatisfied with the Brexit procedure at the same time. The future head of the White House’s claims are connected, among other things, to the too soft position of the EU toward Russia.

The Daily Express analyzed Biden’s statements over the past few years. The readers of the newspaper had a rather harsh reaction to Biden’s “collection” of statements. We prepared an exclusive retelling of the publication and collected the most vivid comments from foreign internet users.

The Daily Express reminds us: Joe Biden is preparing for his long-awaited inauguration. However, the future U.S. president will have an unenviable start to his career. He will have to deal with serious problems. First and foremost, the pandemic effects of the coronavirus and civil unrest in the country. The foreign policy challenges are likely to be just as daunting.

“He (Biden – ed.) faces an increasingly confident China and a resurgent Russia, while Washington’s closest ally, Britain, is in transition after four years of Brexit negotiations,” the article states.

Against this background, the DE observers add, the European Union is struggling with a crisis caused by Britain’s unprecedented withdrawal.

“Britain and the EU have already engaged in a competitive struggle: the figure of Biden has been in the spotlight on both sides of the Channel,” the publication notes.

– However, it will not be easy for the EU to win Biden’s favor, since the 78-year-old politician has already spoken openly about his dissatisfaction with the Brussels mechanism.

In particular, Biden once expressed fears that Brussels would stand aside in the face of “pressure” from Russia.

In his published memoirs, Joe Biden admitted that he could not fully rely on the EU as Barack Obama’s vice president. For example, he was sure that the European Union and NATO would not support Kiev in its confrontation with Moscow. In the end, however, Biden got his way, and Brussels came to Ukraine’s aid. Now Ukraine’s desire to join the EU is spelled out in its constitution, and Ukrainians have visa-free entry into the EU.

However, this did not solve all the problems, as the Daily Express pointed out. Ukraine has lost Crimea, and even more Ukrainians are facing poverty than before the color revolution. Still, the Ukrainian episode has softened Biden’s views on Brussels: his comments on Brexit attest to that.

“Responding in 2018 to a question about Britain’s exit from the European Union, Biden said he would have voted against it if he had been a British MP,” the Daily Express recalls.

The article also reminds readers that Biden claims many U.S. interests will be threatened when Britain is no longer an integral part of the European Union and at the same time has significant influence on Europeans – and not just in the economic sphere.

Readers of the Daily Express were not happy with Biden’s harsh remarks. Many British internet users believe it is not for him to criticize Europe: the U.S. has long lost credibility in the world.

“Biden is mired in corruption and capable of lying all day long. How can he expect anyone responsible for the national or international economy to take him seriously?” – one of the site’s visitors writes indignantly.

Another panelist commented on Biden’s planned visit to Britain:

“If Biden thinks he can come here and convince Boris (Boris Johnson – ed.) to forge a closer relationship with the EU, he can cancel the visit right away. The EU is toxic, and Britain has realized that any relationship with it, other than trade, involves too many conditions.”

However, Biden’s criticism of the EU was not met with support from Internet users either.

“As bad as the undemocratic EU is, Biden is a hypocrite,” said one commentator. – The U.S. no longer has the right to preach moral high ground because this country is no longer a bastion of democracy and free speech: rigged elections and 25,000 armed soldiers defending an illegitimate government from the wrath of the people…”

Joe Biden’s claims about Russia over Ukraine also raise doubts among Daily Express readers.

“The Russians did nothing wrong in returning Crimea,” one notes. – The reality is that the vast majority of Crimeans are ethnic Russians, and the peninsula itself has had close historical ties to Russia for centuries. So in fact, the return of Crimea to the fold of Russia is a natural thing,” notes one of the panelists.

Another commentator was caustic about Biden’s desire to see Europe take tougher measures against Russia. Some European countries simply can’t afford to do that. The Internet user cited Germany as an example.

“The Germans don’t pay for NATO membership, and they have gas supplies from Russia. So Putin must be a friend – or their gas will be cut off,” he wrote.