Biden announced his intention to run for a second term

U.S. President Joe Biden, a Democrat, announced his intention to run for a second term in 2024 at his first full-length press conference Thursday, March 25.

“My answer is yes. I plan to fight for re-election, that’s what I expect,” he told reporters.

He noted, however, that he could not plan ahead with confidence for a four- or three-and-a-half-year term. Biden also said he expects to run as vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who currently holds the position.

“I fully expect she will, she’s doing a great job, she’s a great partner,” he stressed.

Biden was asked about his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, who at a similar point in his presidency also said he intended to run in the next election.

“My predecessor … My God, I miss him,” Biden replied, laughing.

When the head of state was asked if he expects Trump to run against him again, he replied, “Come on, I don’t even think about it. I have no idea, I have no idea even if the Republican Party is still going to be. Do you?”