Biden beat Trump six points ahead of the national poll

Former U.S. vice president Joseph Biden has a six-point advantage over current president Donald Trump, according to a Reuters-Ipsos poll on the chances of candidates to win the presidential election on November 3 this year.

Forty-six percent of registered voters said they would support Biden in November, while 40 percent said they would support Trump. In a similar survey conducted just under a month ago, the gap between two potential presidential candidates from Democrats and Republicans was one point.

The results of the survey, The Hill notes, are good news for Biden, whose campaign was largely limited by the growing coronavirus pandemic, while Trump appears in public at daily White House briefings.

They also show that it is very likely that Biden will be the Democratic candidate for the party congress to be held in July this year, but hypothetically could be postponed if the pandemic continues. Trump and other government officials, such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Ohio Governor Mike Devine and California Governor Gavin Newsome, are forced to focus increasingly on efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.