Biden called for the Democratic Party of the United States not to cancel the Congress due to the coronavirus

The Democratic Party of the United States should not cancel the July National Congress, which will name its rival Donald Trump in the upcoming elections because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This was stated in an interview with CNN by Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

He stressed that the democratic process cannot be interrupted by the virus outbreak. “We will solve all the problems, we should move forward,” TASS Biden quoted. The former vice president also said he had no symptoms of coronavirus infection, so he did not do the test. However, he coughed up his fist during the interview, and the presenter commented to Biden that coughing should be done in a bent elbow. The politician agreed with that statement.

Previously, due to the pandemic, a number of state authorities postponed the initial elections, during which delegates to the National Congress of Democrats were to be nominated. According to The New York Times, Biden has already secured the support of 1214 delegates, and his rival – Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders – 910 delegates.