Biden called Putin a murderer

Despite U.S. President Joe Biden’s radical anti-Russian statements, the two countries should try to find some common ground, said Federation Council deputy chairman Konstantin Kosachev.

Joe Biden gave an interview to ABC News in which, in particular, he focused on the relationship with Russia and personally with its leader Vladimir Putin. Although the incumbent head of the White House has not become a famous orator over his long political career, this time he managed to “blow up” the media agenda. In the course of his generally general statements, the democrat dropped a sentence that would later become the main “hit” of the March 17 news stream. And most interestingly, he did it largely with the help of a journalist who interviewed him.

– So, you know Vladimir Putin. Do you think he’s a murderer? – George Stephanopoulos asked the US president.

– Uh-huh,” Joe Biden replied with pursed lips and added dryly, “Yes, I do.

The American leader did not expand on his thought, but it was enough to cause a wave of reaction to such a statement and much bewilderment – after all, this answer had obvious problems with diplomacy. It’s another matter, it seems that no one expected anything different from Joe Biden and he refrained from saying the word “murderer” after all.

The day before, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence published a report claiming that Russian authorities had allegedly tried to discredit Joe Biden and the Democratic Party during the presidential election.

In Russia, Biden’s words initially provoked an unequivocally harsh reaction. For instance, Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin saw the president’s statements as “hysterical exhaustion” and an insult to Russian citizens. Andrei Turchak, secretary of the United Russia general council and first deputy speaker of the Federation Council, described this as “an extreme expression of aggression brought on by impotence. According to the United Russia press service, the politician expressed confidence: “Biden’s statement is simply a triumph of US political idiocy and the senile dementia of their leader.