Biden called Trump an absolute fool

U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden called the current U.S. leader Donald Trump a fool, who had previously retweeted the photo of his political rival in a protective mask.

“He is an absolute fool,” Biden told CNN May 26. He added that presidents should lead, not “do anything stupid and show false masculinity that can cost people their lives.

The channel’s journalist recalled that earlier at the Trump Memorial Day ceremony he was masked and Biden wore a mask and dark glasses. She believed that the president retweeted a photograph of a Democrat to “belittle” him by showing him wearing a mask as a sign of weakness.

The photo originally appeared in the account of a Fox News political observer, Brit Hume, who signed: “This will help explain why Trump does not like to wear a mask in public. Biden today.” The American leader made a repost, but no comment.

Trump himself did not wear medical masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic, at least he appeared without them during factory tours in recent weeks, although health experts have recommended wearing them.

Because of the pandemic, Biden has been self-isolating in his mansion since March 17 and has been doing business from there, The Washington Post reported May 25.

Election of the 46th President of the United States is scheduled for 3 November 2020. In this campaign, Biden represents the Democratic Party and rivals Trump from the Republican Party.