Biden calls for police reform in the US

Joe Biden denounced Donald Trump’s response to the protests that erupted after the death of an African American in detention and called on Congress to promote police reform. He said this in a speech on June 2.

Biden is seeking a Democratic candidate in the presidential election. In his speech, he promised to establish a commission to oversee the work of the police if he wins.

In the meantime, he said, the country should undertake “real reform of the police”, in particular by prohibiting law enforcement officers from using asphyxiating techniques and establishing a single standard of acceptable use of force.

Biden said Trump “divided the country” and “turned it into a battlefield. He condemned the dispersal of peaceful demonstrators outside the White House using tear gas – earlier Trump had walked to St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., with Lafayette Square, where the structure is located and where protesters gather every day, and the police had to be cleaned of the protesters. The president had the Bible in his hands, and Biden claims that he had only come for a beautiful photo session.

“I wish he would open it (Trump – Ed.) from time to time, not wave it. If he opened it, he could know that we are all called to love each other as we love ourselves. This is really hard work, <...> in which Trump is not interested,” NPR quotes Biden.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama also called for police reform and addressing racial inequality in justice. He recalled that the work of law enforcement and justice systems are influenced by local authorities, which are appointed as a result of elections, but turnout in local elections is negligible. In this regard, Obama called for specific demands for reforms and to express his opinion in the elections.